2017 Camp Theme and Focus

SPAM 2017 - All For Good - Gen. 50:20


The story of Joseph.  Known by many... but it's a story of more than just a multi-colored coat.  It is a story of heartache.  It is a story of pain.  It is a story of confusion and many times we simply wonder alongside Joseph... "Why?"  But as the story progresses, we see a thread of a new hope begin to emerge... and it becomes a story of joy.  It becomes a story of victory.  It is a story that can bring us great reassurance for Joseph's story is a redemption story.  It is a story of God at work in the unseen, doing far more than Joseph (and we) could ever imagine.

Join us this summer as we dive deep into Joseph's story in the book of Genesis as we look to the Word to shed light on just who this Sovereign God is and how He works wonderfully, even when it hurts.  He is the God who, though the intent against us is of ill-will, is working all for good!


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