2018 Camp Theme and Focus

SPAM 2018 - Meaning(Less) - Eccl. 12:13


Money... Power... Relationships... Intellect... Status... The world we live in places a high value on these things. We are told that these are the things that define us and give us meaning. Therefore we strive and labor long for a successful, meaningful life. However, are these things truly the reason for living? Is there something more? The writer of Ecclesiastes tells us all these "successes" that we strive for are like a vapor; that they're vanity; meaningless.

So in a world that seems to fracture a little more each day, what seems to be the point if nothing lasts?

Join us this summer as we take a look into the book of Ecclesiastes and we begin to see that there is a life of lasting purpose at hand. In setting ourselves aside and seeking after Jesus Christ, we find more meaning... when there's less me!


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